Risk Analysis Team


The Risk Analysis Team for Phase B of the Risk Assessment was Nuka Research & Planning Group. Nuka Research leveraged the considerable technical expertise in oil spill prevention, response planning, regulatory compliance, as well as the project management and facilitation experience with a consulting team of experts from: Pearson Consulting, The Glosten Associates, Northern Economics, Baldwin & Butler, Moran Environmental Recovery, and Cape International. Together, the Nuka Research Project Team offered recognized leaders in maritime transportation, ocean engineering, naval architecture, environmental law, international affairs, economic forecasting, environmental compliance, oil spill response and contingency planning, salvage, marine environmental protection, and facilitation. The goal of the Nuka Research Project Team was to provide the AIRA Management Team and Advisory Panel with sufficient documentation and justification to make further recommendations with regard to the ongoing implementation of the Risk Reduction Options.

Risk Analysis Team Members

The Aleutian Island Risk Assessment (AIRA) Risk Analysis Team consisted of the following members at the conclusion of the project:

Nuka Research

• Tim Robertson, MS, General Manager and Principal Consultant
• Elise DeCola, MA, Operations Manager and Principal Consultant
• Sierra Fletcher, Project Manager
• Mike Popovich, Project Manager
• Mark Janes, Project Manager
• Bretwood Higman, PhD, Geologist and Database Manager

Pearson Consulting

• Leslie Pearson, MS, Principal Consultant

The Glosten Associates

• David Gray, PE, Principal
• Bruce Hutchison, PE, Senior Principal
• Eleanor Kirtley, PhD, Ocean Engineer
• Kevin Reynolds, PE, Marine Engineer
• Rick Strong, Principal – Operations & Special Projects Manager
• Garth Wilcox, PE, Senior Associate

Northern Economics

• Patrick Burden, MS, President & Principal Economist
• Michael Fisher, MS, Project Consultant
• Alexus Bond, MA, Staff Consultant
• Alejandra Riedel, MA, Economist

Baldwin and Butler

• Jim Butler, JD, Attorney

Cape International

• Dave Eley, MS, Principal Consultant

Moran Environmental Recovery

• Brian House, President and CEO
• William Muller, MS, Moran Towing Board Member
• Richard Softye, Commercial Shipping Program Manager

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